Inspired by Fogus’ post, I decided to make my own list of some of the things I discovered or accomplished in 2014, in no particular order

Books read

Tech events assisted

  • FIT 2014
  • Space Apps Challenge 2014

Side projects completed

Languages and frameworks used in projects

Meteor.js, Processing, Rails, Sinatra, Swift, Objective-C, Python


Podcasts discovered

Healthy accomplishments

  • First 10k race
  • Total distance ran: 181.1km
  • Most steps in a day: 59,902 - On a trip to Chicago and Indianapolis
  • Switched from Stronglifts 5x5 to Greyskull LP strength program - Got to break my squats plateau.

Documentaries watched

Gunplas built

  • MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G
  • MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka I don’t normally build gunplas, and in fact, these were my first two. But I learned and actually enjoyed the whole process of cutting, sanding, assembling, painting and top coating.