A couple days ago, browsing the web, I came across this DigitalOcean Indicator made by Andrewsomething. Which manages DigitalOcean droplets easily from right Ubuntu’s panel.

Because I’ve got droplets to manage, and there was no OSX version for such a handy tool, I decided to make an OSX version of it.

So far, the manager does the following:

  • List droplets
  • Show each droplets status, IP address, distro and region
  • Copy droplet’s IP address to clipboard
  • Reboot, shutdown and power on droplets

This app works but is still under development, but for those who want to try it or start using it, you can download the app file (See update).

The source code is at my Github repository, for those willing to contribute or just look at it.


There have been quite a few contributions, and thanks to them, the app is growing quite fast :). For .app build releases, please visit The repository’s release section to download them.